The Cat is Finally Out of the Bag … Harris Reveals Brewery Details

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The Cat is Finally Out of the Bag … Harris Reveals Brewery Details

One of the cool things about being neighbors with a brewer is you can sometimes get some information that is not yet ready for prime time. This was the case when John Harris came over to our house a few weeks ago to celebrate the fact that he had just signed a lease on a building to house his new brewpub.

While enjoying a few beers off our taps, John also showed us his new logo and explained the concept behind the name of his new brewery. We were asked to keep this very quiet as John had plans to reveal all at a “dry open house” which took place Sunday at the new digs, 825 N. Cook Street. Of course, we did keep the info to ourselves. I’ve always been one to consider friendship more precious than getting a scoop.

harris-bar-areaIt was fun to be on hand yesterday to see John unveil the name and logo (literally — he had a piece of paper with “???” taped over the logo on his shirt). And it was my first time in the vast building, which used to be a frozen food warehouse before it was an auto-body shop.

To help us visualize where everything was going to be, John’s wife, Jane, spent countless hours drawing it all out on the floor in chalk for us. And on the walls, where we could see where new garage-door openings and windows were going to be, along with the bar, bathrooms and, of course, the brewery.

Without any further adieu, the name for John Harris’, new brewpub is Ecliptic Brewing. As John, an avid amateur astronomer, describes it, it’s the elliptical “journey we take around the sun” on Earth each year.Ecliptic Brewing Logo

Harris explained that he plans to honor the Ecliptic name by brewing seasonal beers and working with his chef to create beer and food pairings highlighting the best of each season.

On an interesting side note, Harris found and bought from Dogfish Head Brewing  in Delaware  the original BridgePort brewery, where it had been languishing in the parking lot for years, unused.

In essence, Portland’s first brewery has made its own ecliptic trip around the country and has returned home again.

No target date has been set, but you can already keep up with Ecliptic Brewing through Facebook, Twitter, Instragram and its website.


Ecliptic Front Door Area

3 thoughts on “The Cat is Finally Out of the Bag … Harris Reveals Brewery Details

  1. Sounds great, can’t wait to try a new beer from another brewing professional striking out on his own

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