Brewers Association Updates Style Guidelines

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The Boulder, Colo.-based nonprofit trade group, the Brewers Association, released its style guidelines for 2013. The biggest news is there are two new styles, up to 142 from last year’s 140.

The changes, which are incorporated with more than 100 suggestions from members, includes the addition of Adambier and Gratzer styles. Both are historic pre-Reinheitsgebot styles that are making a seeing a slow revival. Both are historically smoky ales, with Adambier hailing originally from around Dortmund, Germany, and Gratzer coming primarily in Poland.

If it weren’t for Alan Sprints heeding the advice of longtime beer evangelist, Fred Eckhardt, Adambier might not have ever seen a comeback. Longtime fans of Hair of the Dog Brewery know that Sprints’ Adam was originally called Adambier, and was HotD’s first beer — as inspired by Eckhardt. Talk about being on the forefront of a style!

You can read the whole news release here:

And you can get the new guidelines at the BA’s website:

And, again, my apologies for not creating links, but something is still amiss on the site. We are working on it!

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