FredFest 2015 Beer Lineup

1. 10 Barrel Bend Peanut Butter Imperial Porter Started from Tonya’s Solera. Gobs of peanut butter. Rich enough to satisfy Fred’s sweet tooth. 9.5% ABV
2. 10 Barrel Bend Russian Imperial Stout w/ Raspberry Sour Base RIS aged in Jim Beam barrels, blended w/a strong raspberry sour. Showcases both styles. 10% ABV

3. Alesmith Old Ale Rich and malt-forward with notes of dried fruit and complex dark sugars. 11% ABV

4. Alesmith Speedway Stout Strong coffee & dark chocolate sensations fade to a multitude of toasty, roasty, caramel flavors. 12% ABV
5. Against the Grain Kamen Knuddeln Barley, Rye & Corn sour mash creates a complex tartness that plays w/rye’s spiciness. Dry finish. 6.5% ABV
6. Bear Republic Fredalicious Pinot Tart A combination of Kölsch w/Pinot Noir juice & spontaneously fermented Tartare Berliner Weisse. 5.5% ABV
7. Breakside Old Golden Ale (Barrel Aged) Belgian tripel hopped w/ a healthy dose of Hallertau Hersbruckers for an earthy, spicy nose. 9.2% ABV
8. Cascade Shrieking Violet 2013 Sour Strong Blonds & Quads aged in wine & bourbon barrels & blueberries. 10.7% ABV
9. Chuckanut Dunkel Dark, malty, juicy, bready, slight chocolate, moderate bitterness. 5.5% ABV
10. Chuckanut Kölsch Very pale gold, bready, lightly fruity, effervescent, intense clarity. 4.5% ABV
11. Crooked … Read More »

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BeerGyver’s Holiday Gift Guide Part Deux

BeerGyver’s Holiday Gift Guide Part Deux

Kerry Finsand, aka BeerGyver, gives us part two of his beer and tech gift guide:

Craft Beer Illustrated Playing Cards
Stainless Steel Mini-Keg Growler
Baker’s Bark Craft Beer BBQ Rub
Brewbicle Boxes for Cellared Beers

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BeerGyver’s Holiday Gift Guide, Part 1

BeerGyver’s Holiday Gift Guide, Part 1

BeerGyver once again brings us his beery holiday gift ideas! This is Part 1. Join us on Dec. 7′s show for Part 2!

Portland Beer: Crafting the Road to Beervana: Blogger Pete Dunlop’s book sets the record straight on the history behind Beevana.

Beer Across America Poster: The guy who created the 33 Beers (and Wines and Cigars and …) books is back again with a poster which allows you to fill in tasting details for one beer in every US state. Which beers will you choose as you virtually trek across the country?

Brewery Playing Cards: Craft brewers take the role of baseball players (no bubblegum in these packs, thought)  in these collectible cards that showcase graphic novel-type illustrations of rock star brewers with interesting factoids on the reverse side.

Illustrated Portland Brewery Cards: A deck of cards with lovely illustrated views of different craft breweries.

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Heard on Beer O’Clock Radio BeerGyver’s Links

Contribute to the Spin Chill Kickstarter project 

Watch Beck’s Edison phonograph bottle

Walk and earn a beer with this Beer-O-Meter

Blend your own beers with the dual beer glass


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BeerGyver Uncovers the History of the Beer Can

BeerGyver Uncovers the History of the Beer Can

Been a while since I posted anything. Sorry about that. Learning the ropes in my new position as owner-manager at Belmont Station has been keeping me way too busy!

We did hear about the history of the beer can on Beer O’Clock Radio this week. And as promised, here are the links BeerGyver used to document his research:



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Heard on Beer O’Clock: BeerGyver’s Dads & Grads Gift Guide

Heard on Beer O’Clock: BeerGyver’s Dads & Grads Gift Guide

It was standing-room only in our virtual pub this week. Carl Singmaster at Belmont Station reviewed these beers:

Coalition Sourpuss

The Trip 16 Seattle Farmhouse Rye Ale

Anchor Zymaster Series Fort Ross Farmhouse Ale

Brouwerij Von Steenberge Biere du Boucanier Dark


We talked with Chip Hardy about the great new and expanded new digs at The Bier Stein in Eugene. And BeerGyver gave us his Dads and Grads gift guide with these cool items:

Chill Puck

Portland Beer Week

Plus, Jack Beiting of Widmer brought us our beer of the week: Alchemy Ale!


The Cat is Finally Out of the Bag … Harris Reveals Brewery Details

The Cat is Finally Out of the Bag … Harris Reveals Brewery Details

One of the cool things about being neighbors with a brewer is you can sometimes get some information that is not yet ready for prime time. This was the case when John Harris came over to our house a few weeks ago to celebrate the fact that he had just signed a lease on a building to house his new brewpub.

While enjoying a few beers off our taps, John also showed us his new logo and explained the concept behind the name of his new brewery. We were asked to keep this very quiet as John had plans to reveal all at a “dry open house” which took place Sunday at the new digs, 825 N. Cook Street. Of course, we did keep the info to ourselves. I’ve always been one to consider friendship more precious than getting a scoop.

It was fun to be on hand yesterday to see John unveil the name and logo (literally — he had a piece of paper with “???” taped over the logo on his shirt). And it was my first time in the vast building, which used to be a frozen food warehouse before it was an auto-body shop.

To help us visualize where … Read More »

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Heard on Beer O’Clock: Sean Paxton’s Cinco de Mayo Feast

This just in from Sean (OK, he sent it a few days ago, but I am finally getting around to posting). Links for the Homebrew Chef’s Cinco de Mayo celebrations!

Arriba! Arriba!

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Barley Brown’s Expansion Nearly Ready

Barley Brown’s Expansion Nearly Ready

Tyler Brown has a lot to smile about these days:  Barley Brown’s new brewery and tasting room is nearly complete.

The new 20-barrel brewery and the adjacent tasting room is right across the street from Barley Brown’s Brewpub and the original 4-barrel brewery in downtown Baker City, Ore.

The space used to be a Safeway, and the crew took it down to the bare bones to create the brewery and tasting room. The tasting room area features big windows, the original concrete floor (restained) and a magnificent bar made of black walnut. Taps will come straight from the cooler on the wall. Brown hopes this new 21+ space will help alleviate the crush of people over at the brewpub, leaving that area freer for diners and families.

The brewery, of course, will expand Barley Brown’s beers which means hopefully more of its incredible brews will make it outside Baker City. Plans are in the works for distribution, first in kegs and either bottles or cans down the road.

Oh, and attention Portland: another batch of the Citra Hot Blonde that took the city by storm a while ago is fermenting. Look for it coming this way soon!

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Sneak Peek: 10 Barrel Boise

Sneak Peek: 10 Barrel Boise

Thanks to our friends, Mike and Weegee, who serendipitously got married in Boise the weekend that 10 Barrel opened there, we had a chance to visit the new brewpub on the night of its soft launch April 19.

Wow. The fine folks of Boise ain’t gonna know what hit ‘em. And frankly, Bend (and hopefully Portland and the Willamette Valley) might be stunned, too, now that the knock-em-dead combination of Tonya Cornett and crew in Bend and Shawn Kelso — formerly of Barley Brown’s, now 10 Barrel Boise’s brewer — will be having a field day. Plans are for both to design and brew extraordinary beers, brew each other’s and share between the two locations. And if the soft launch was any indication, having two “chefs” certainly does not spoil this “soup.”

The impressive beer list featured  10 Barrel’s year-round beers, plus a host of seasonals and one-offs including the award-winning German Sparkle Party Berlinerweiss and Raspberry Crush, a side project of Cornett’s with ridiculous amounts of raspberries — so much so that Cornett was told by a patron they thought the raspberry was artificial. Rest assured, it’s not.

We missed the food, but the head chef was kind enough to put together … Read More »

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Oregon Garden Brew Fest Lineup Revealed

It promises to be gorgeous weather for the Oregon Garden Brew Fest this year. They are adding an extra day — Sunday will be Family Day and kids are allowed then (and only then; Friday and Saturday are 21+). Here’s the beer lineup.

It’s truly among the unique beer festivals because you can stroll the grounds of the glorious Oregon Garden (honestly, a state treasure), sipping beer (or wine) and relishing in the different gardens, the springlike growth and get some exercise to boot (it’s a vast area). It’s like a whole other world. With beer!


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Oregon Public House Really, Really Close to Opening

Oregon Public House Really, Really Close to Opening

The Oregon Public House, the world’s first non-profit pub, is really really close to opening.

How close?  Weeks hopefully.  If you’ve been following the story of The Public House for the last two years, you may be wondering why it’s taken so long to open their doors.  Well, the entire project has been cash-flowed with money raised by donations and renting out The Village Ballroom located above the pub.  The coolest way of donating is through the Founders program, where you can donate $500 and receive a beer a month for life, $1,500 and receive a beer a week for life, or $2,500 and receive a beer a day for life.  Cash-flowing the entire project means no money has been loaned, so that when the pub finally opens its doors, 100 percent of net profits will go to charities.

The Public House is getting final touches right now.  When I stopped by this weekend, the back bar shelves were being stained.  The Point-of-Sale system goes in this week and has been specially programmed so that in addition to beer and food orders, servers can take charity donations as well.

If you haven’t heard, the way The Oregon Public House will work is that servers … Read More »

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Heard on Beer O’Clock: Beer Berries Giveaway; Big Brew

It was a packed house in our virtual pub this week.

Carl Singmaster of Belmont Station shared tasting notes on these beers:


John Harris Finds a Home (Update: Open House Announced)

(for his brewery).

John Harris, who left his longtime gig as brewmaster at Full Sail brewing about a year or so ago to pursue his dream of opening his own place officially announced today that he has found a location.

Harris also has a name and a logo for his brewery, but he plans to publicly announce those details at a “dry open house” he will be holding at the new location, at 825 N. Cook Street, in Portland — a dry open house, meaning there won’t be any beer because he’s still in the throes of getting all the licenses lined up.

Look for details on the “dry open house” which will be happening around the last weekend of this month.

Update: Harris announced on his Facebook page that he is holding the open house on April 28 from 2-4 p.m. and that’s when and where he will announce the name and reveal the logo for his new venture.

Make sure to wish John a big congrats on finding the right space; it’s been a long haul. There’s once again a big grin on John’s face, and I, personally, have missed that.

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Heard On Beer O’Clock: BeerGyver’s Geekery Links; Oregon Public House

Kerry “BeerGyver” Finsand brought us a bunch of beer and tech geekery with the theme: Beer Drinking Made Easy. Here are links to his finds:

Hermetus Bottle Opener/Resealer (pictured)

Hammacher’s Cycle Pub

Drink Tanks Growler 2

We also spoke with Ryan Saari of the soon-to-open Oregon Public House, where you can enjoy great beer and raise money for nonprofits through this organization where 100-percent of net profits go toward several “house” charities. Have a pint, change the world!

And, of course, we had some good beer with us! Carl Singmaster of Belmont Station brought us his tasting notes on these beers:

Mikkeller Yeast Series 2.0 Brettanomyces Lambicus and Brettanomyces Bruxellensis
Prairie Artisan Ales Standard Saison

The Commons Brewery Myrtle Farmhouse Ale

Plus our beer of the week was brought to us by Ninkasi’s Morgan Miller who shared the Babylon Double IPA!

Psst! We also have two more weekly drawings for a hop starter kit from NW Hops (hop rhizomes, twine & a T-shirt), so listen to the show  for details on how to enter to win.


Get Your Rhizomes in the Dirt

 Please welcome Tim Joachim to The Beer Goddess blog. He is not only a talented web designer and passionate beer lover, but he’s a good writer. I look forward to his future posts here!

The hops in my garden have already poked their heads from the dirt.  Soon my Chinook and Sterling hop bines (bines not vines, for whatever reason) will take over the yard if I don’t train them to twine ASAP.  This will be their third year growth, and come August I expect more fresh hops than I can possibly use for homebrewing (okay, ‘possibly’ is a strong word, I’ll give it a shot).  Here’s a quick guide if you’re interested in growing hops this year to use them for fresh hop homebrew:

1.  Plant them.  As soon as possible.  A hop rhizome is simply a snippet of the roots of a hop plant.  Put a rhizome in the ground in Oregon or Washington and it’ll probably grow.  It won’t offer many cones the first year, but the second year’s growth will likely impress you.  Many hop varieties are not available because they are proprietary varieties, such as Simcoe, Citra, Amarillo and Mosaic.  By the time you read this, rhizomes … Read More »

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Heard On Beer O’Clock: Hops Starter Kit Giveaway, Fest Details

It was a busy time in our virtual pub last Saturday. We got new brews news from Carl Singmaster at Belmont Station, Erika Huston of Saraveza gave us the deets on the Farmhouse and Wild Ale Festival and Steve Woolard brought insider info for the Spring Beer & Wine Fest. And we have info on how to enter to win a Hop Starter Kit from Northwest Hops – that’s 5 hop rhizomes, hop twine and a T-shirt! Plus our beer of the week is an old fave in a new package: 16-ounce cans! Our doors are open 24/7, so listen in!


Farmhouse & Wild Ale Taplist Released

A list of the beers available at the Farmhouse & Wild Ale festival that’s taking place March 30 and 31 at Saraveza and the adjacent Bad Habit Room has been released.

(On opening at 1pm on Saturday March 30th an initial list of 20 beers will be available at either Saraveza’s bar or the Bad Habit Room with the other 11+ beers rotating in over the 2 days of the festival as kegs kick. Tickets are on sale now for $20 which includes a commemorative Farmhouse Festival glass and 10 drink tickets good for a 4-ounce sample of beer (some beers are more expensive and cost 2 tickets per sample). You are encouraged to purchase tickets here before they sell out. But there will be more drink tickets available CASH ONLY at the fest. )

Here’s the list:

Agrarian Ales Coalescence Spring Saison
Anchorage The Tides and its Takers Triple
Anchorage Anadromous
Anchorage Rondy Brew
Block 15 2011 Provision
Block 15 2011 Demon’s Farm
Block 15 Caves Saison
Boulevard Tank 7
Breakside French Fennel Farmhouse
Bruery Sour in the Rye
Bruery Saison de Lente
Cascade Grand Saison
Commons Myrtle
Crux Saison
Humble Saaz Saison
Jolly Pumpkin Bam Biere
Logsdon Seizeon Bretta
Logsdon Far West Vlaming
New Belgium Brett Beer
New Belgium Biere de Mars
Ommegang Biere d’Hougoumont
Ommegang Hennepin
Ommegang Art of Darkness
Pfriem Saison
Pfriem Black … Read More »

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Harvester Expands; Selects Distributor

Harvester Expands; Selects Distributor

A news release from Harvester:

Harvester Brewing partners with Maletis Beverage, adds fermenter capacity, and launches online store

Maletis Beverage
Harvester is pleased to announce that they have partnered with locally-owned Maletis Beverage to distribute Harvester Gluten-Free Ales in Oregon and Southwestern Washington. “After self-distributing in Oregon since opening, we welcome the experience Maletis brings and look forward to the ability to focus more effort on increasing production and creating great gluten-free beer,” says Harvester owner James Neumeister.

Expanded Fermenter Capacity
As Harvester grows its distribution, they are growing their production capacity accordingly. Most recently, Harvester

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Walking Man Tap Takeover at Roscoe’s

It’s been a while since we’ve seen this much from Walking Man in one place. And it happens tonight at Roscoe’s. Here’s what co-owner Jeremy Lewis says:

Roscoe’s is hosting a Walking Man tap takeover and meet the brewer on Friday March 15th beginning at 5pm. We will be featuring an array of rare and tasty Walking Man beers and giving you the opportunity to chat with the new head brewer Corey McGuinness. Here are a few of the featured beers: 2010 Ironman, Bourbon Barrel Aged Knuckle Dragger, Chocolate-Orange Black Lager, Big Phat Homo, 2010 Old Stumblefoot Barleywine, Sour Blend, Kriek, A little Nippy, Homo Erectus, Coffee Stout, and more! We will have taster trays available.

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Good Life First To ‘Can It’ In Central Oregon

GoodLife Brewing in Bend is joining the canning line with the release of its popular Descender IPA in 12-ounce cans, available in six-packs.

The brewery said on Tuesday that “Being outdoor enthusiasts living in a mountain town, canning beer was a natural fit for GoodLife Brewing.”

Initially, Descender IPA will be available with limited distribution in Central Oregon and Portland, which were the first two GoodLife markets. Sweet As Pacific Ale is slated to be the second beer canned at GoodLife, with plans to have it available in key markets by mid-April.

Is anybody else surprised that this is the first brewery to can in Central Oregon?


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U.S. Sets Record In Craft Beer Export

Turns out it’s not just those of us who live here who like our beer. Here’s a news release from the Brewers Association on a record year in exporting beer:

The Brewers Association (BA)—the not-for-profit trade group representing small and independent craft brewers—today reported that the American craft beer industry set a new record for exports in 2012. Based on results from a recently-completed industry survey, craft beer export volume increased by an astounding 72 percent compared to 2011, with a value estimated at $49.1 million.

Canada remained the industry’s largest export market, with shipments increasing 140 percent by volume (up to 68,180 barrels) in 2012. Significant gains have been made in Ontario and British Columbia, and American craft beers are now gaining distribution in other provinces.

Sweden and the United Kingdom remained the next two largest markets. Though total exports decreased in both countries compared to 2011, the decline was offset by increased shipments to other European markets. In total, Western Europe accounted for 56,204 barrels valued at $14.6 million in 2012, a 5.6 percent increase over 2011.

Elsewhere, American craft beer exports to the Asia-Pacific region increased substantially. Shipments to Japan jumped 57 percent by volume and American breweries made strong gains … Read More »

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FredFest 2013 Tickets On Sale Now

From the news release I just, well, released: 

March 12, 2013


Alan Sprints
Hair of the Dog Brewing Co.

Preston Weesner

Lisa Morrison

FredFest Tickets Go On Sale Immediately
PORTLAND, Ore. — Organizers announced that tickets go on sale today, March 12, for FredFest 2013 at the official website:, and that the event is slated for Sunday, May 5 from 2-6 p.m. at Hair of the Dog Brewing.
The event, which always sells out, is highly anticipated in the craft beer community, with fans flocking from across the country to attend and pay homage to Fred Eckhardt, the Dean of American Beer Writers, who turns 87 on May 10.
What started as a surprise 80th birthday party for the world-renowned Portland beer writer, FredFest has become a significant fundraiser for the nonprofit organizations of Eckhardt’s choice—a different one each year. Eckhardt has selected the American Diabetes Association Oregon/SW Washington chapter and the Hair of the Dog “house” charity, Guide Dogs for the Blind, as FredFest’s official fundraising recipients this year. The event is all volunteer-driven, which means that 100 percent of this year’s proceeds from FredFest will be donated to both of those charitable organizations. Dubbed “the littlest big-beer festival in the world — or at … Read More »

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Gigantic Brews Chocolate IPA for Belmont Station’s 16th

Belmont Station Bottle Shop & Bier Cafe turns 16 on March 16 and Gigantic Brewing was asked to brew the anniversary beer for the occasion.  It’s called Geezers Need Excitement Chocolate IPA. 

The beer will go on tap on March 15 at Belmont Station, and there will be a limited amount of bottles (120 cases) available as well.

Here’s what Ben Love
has to say about the beer:

“Geezers was the brainchild of Carl Singmaster. He had tried some hop dusted chocolates, really enjoyed them and wanted to see if it could be reproduced in a beer.

For the beer, Van and I decided to make it a golden, rather than adding chocolate malt or debittered roasted malts. We wanted it to look like any IPA, but surprise people with the chocolate aroma and flavor. It’s hopped with Amarillo, Cascade, Centennial, Crystal and Simcoe. To add the chocolate flavor we “dry nibbed” the beer. We got in touch with Holly at Mana Chocolates and told her what we were up to. She brought us custom roasted cocoa nibs from Peru and Venezuela. That’s where we learned the nuance there can exist in nibs. The Peru was very citrusy and bridged the gap in chocolate aroma to … Read More »

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Brewers Association Updates Style Guidelines

The Boulder, Colo.-based nonprofit trade group, the Brewers Association, released its style guidelines for 2013. The biggest news is there are two new styles, up to 142 from last year’s 140.

The changes, which are incorporated with more than 100 suggestions from members, includes the addition of Adambier and Gratzer styles. Both are historic pre-Reinheitsgebot styles that are making a seeing a slow revival. Both are historically smoky ales, with Adambier hailing originally from around Dortmund, Germany, and Gratzer coming primarily in Poland.

If it weren’t for Alan Sprints heeding the advice of longtime beer evangelist, Fred Eckhardt, Adambier might not have ever seen a comeback. Longtime fans of Hair of the Dog Brewery know that Sprints’ Adam was originally called Adambier, and was HotD’s first beer — as inspired by Eckhardt. Talk about being on the forefront of a style!

You can read the whole news release here:

And you can get the new guidelines at the BA’s website:

And, again, my apologies for not creating links, but something is still amiss on the site. We are working on it!


Beaverton To Get Its First Brewery

Great news for the denizens of Portland’s west side, which has traditionally been a bit drier than the rest of the city: a brewery is coming!

Uptown Market, which has been selling craft beer and homebrew supplies for a couple of years now, announced that it will be starting a brewery and will sell the beers in-house. Plus, Uptown Market has plans to give back to the community with its beer sales. And it’s starting a fundraising campaign to cover half the cost of the brewery.

Here is the news release:

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Heard On Beer O’Clock: Widmer’s Ben Dobler; ‘Petite Quad’

(I am having problems creating links in WordPress, so please forgive the lack thereof in this post!) 

It was a packed house this week in our virtual pub.

For starters, Carl Singmaster at Belmont Station brought us his tasting notes on these beers:

Black Diamond Bourbon Barrel Aged Grand Cru
Epic’s Hop Zombie Double IPA
Mikkeller Orange Yuzu Glad I Said Porter
Nebraska Brewing’s Hop God Belgian Style IPA Aged In Chardonnay Barrels

Homebrew guru Duke Geren answers beer & brewing questions; Widmer’s head brewer Ben Dobler introduces a bunch of new seasonals; Gigantic’s Ben Love brings us The End of Reason, a “petite quad” that is our Beer of the Week!

Here’s the link to the show:

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Happy Zwickelmania! Here’s What’s On Beer O’Clock Today!

Happy Zwickelmania! Here’s What’s On Beer O’Clock Today!

For Oregonians, it’s a great day. It’s Zwickelmania! That’s the annual backstage pass for beer fans to visit their favorite breweries and sample some beers — sometimes right off the fermenters.

We’ll be talking more about the significance of the zwickel (and explaining what it is for the uninitiated) as well as discussing how to brew kombucha and answering more beer and brewing questions with our homebrew guru Duke Geren of FH Steinbart‘s today on Beer O’Clock Radio.

Also in our virtual pub: a nice long chat with Widmer head brewer Ben Dobler, new brews with Carl Singmaster of Belmont Station and Ben Love brings us our Beer of the Week: Gigantic The End of Reason Petite Quad!

Listen in during your Zwickelmaniacking all across Oregon on the Radio Northwest Network, or join us worldwide right here.


Lucky Lab Barleywine Festival Announced

The highly anticipated Lucky Lab Barleywine Festival has been announced. Here’s the official news release:

The Lucky Lab Beer Hall Announces Their Annual Barleywine and Big Beer Tastival for 2013

The Lucky Lab Barleywine and Big Beer Tastival is being held on March 8th and 9th this year! Barleywines tend to be an uncommon beer style due to the high cost of brewing and cellar space. Over the years the Lucky Lab has been collecting, storing and cellaring a variety of strong beers for your enjoyment. This event will focus on barleywines as well as rare big beers. The selection will include current and vintage barleywines to showcase how the beer can develop over time. While these beers may be enjoyed fresh, the aging process can soften and meld the flavors. Barleywines have a complex flavor profile, which typically ranges from sweet toffee to piney caramel, but can also include so much more.

The best way to sample several amazing barleywines is to attend the Barleywine and Big Beer Tastival. This year’s highlights include multiple years of Lucky Lab Old Yeller, Northcoast Old Stock, Anchor Old Foghorn, Mikkeller Big Worse and special scheduled tappings of 2008 Alaskan Barleywine, Block 15 Hypnosis and more. … Read More »

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Heard On Beer O’Clock: Ale-phrodisiacs, New Portland Brewing, Worthy

Heard On Beer O’Clock: Ale-phrodisiacs, New Portland Brewing, Worthy

A good time was had by all in our virtual pub this week. Belmont Station‘s Carl Singmaster brought us his tasting notes on these beers:

Gigantic The Time Traveler Portland Porter

Gigantic The End of Reason Petite Quad

Full Sail Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

Saku Estonian Baltic Porter

We talked with head brewer Ryan Pappe about the return of Portland Brewing. Homebrew Chef Sean Paxton sweet-talked with us and shared some great ideas for Valentine’s Day. And Worthy Brewing, which just opened its doors in Bend on Monday, was the brewery for our Beer of the Week. Head brewer and founder Chad Kennedy brought us their Lights Out Stout, and talked a bit about the rock-star opening Worthy enjoyed (hint: people were lining up at 5 a.m. for an 11 a.m. opening …)

You can hear the whole thing right here.


OBF Grows; Goes to Glass

OBF Grows; Goes to Glass

Wednesday is the new Thursday. So says the Oregon Brewers Festival, which is expanding this year from four to five days, starting Wednesday, July 24 through Sunday, July 28.

“In 2005, the festival expanded from a three-day to a four-day event; that turned out to be a huge success, and ever since, festival purists have declared Thursday to be the best day to attend due to shorter lines and a full beer selection. Festival organizers are now hoping Wednesday will become the new Thursday,” the event’s official news release says.

That also means the Oregon Brewers Guild Dinner, always held on the evening before the OBF kicks off, will fall on Tuesday. And the Brewers Brunch and Parade, which heralds in thousands of thirsty first patrons to the fest on the morning of the first day of OBF, will fall on Wednesday.

More big news: The festival is going to introduce glass glassware to the event, meaning you will no longer have those ubiquitous plastic mugs to use as everything from scooping potting soil to measuring out your dog’s food. Fest coordinators say they wanted the glass to better enhance attendees’ experiences and also be more environmentally friendly

“We just want to be green … Read More »

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Zwickelmania Across Oregon

Zwickelmania Across Oregon

It’s that time of year! Zwickelmania hits Oregon on Feb. 16. From 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., Oregon’s breweries will open their doors and their mash tuns to the public, with tours and special pricing. Here are some special deals announced by breweries, but know that pretty much all breweries will participate. You might want to check ahead with a specific brewery if you want to visit it. Here’s what some breweries have announced they are doing for Zwickelmania (I will keep adding info as I receive it), and don’t forget, you can always find updates here:


Hood River Breweries:

Four local breweries, Full Sail Brewing, Double Mountain Brewery & Taproom, Pfriem Family Brewers and Logsdon Farmhouse Ales will be opening their brewhouse doors for the event.

Double Mountain’s co-owner Charlie Devereux will be leading free tours at 12 – 3pm on the 1/2 hour where they’ll pull samples “from the zwickel”, offer beer and cheese pairings, a complementary glass and  a peek behind the curtain to see how the magic happens.

Full Sail Brewing will offer guided brewery tours at 12, 1, 2, 3 and 4pm and will be offering their newest  Brewer’s Share Experimental beer, “Mathias’s Main Ingredient Oatmeal Stout,” paired with artisan chocolate.  Tours and tasting are free of charge … Read More »


On Beer O’Clock This Week: Heathen Brewing; BeerGyver

It’s a packed house in our virtual pub this week as we talk with Sunny Parsons of Heathen Brewing in Vancouver, BeerGyver brings us his beer news from the Interwebs and Carl Singmaster of Belmont Station has new brews. Plus Brewmaster Jeff Edgerton of Bridgeport has our Beer of the Week, Smooth Rye’d.

Join us at 3 PST Saturday afternoon for a full hour of celebrating great beer! You can listen live right here.


On Beer O’Clock This Week: Homebrew Guru; Brew-Ha!

On Beer O’Clock This Week: Homebrew Guru; Brew-Ha!

We are back in the virtual pub this week! Guests include Homebrew Guru Duke Geren with Brew Years Resolutions and Andrew Stromberg of Brew-Ha brewery maps!

Join us Saturday at 3 PST on 101 FM in Portland or listen live.

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The Return of Portland Brewing

The Return of Portland Brewing

In what could be craft beer’s most circuitous move, the venerable Portland Brewing is slated to return Feb. 1 after being shut in the dark for the majority of a decade since Pyramid took over Portland Brewing in 2004.

I got two emails from MacTarnahan’s Brewing‘s (Pyramid’s) PR people yesterday. They both essentially said this:

An exciting change for Portland’s beer scene is quickly taking shape. The company that brews the beloved MacTarnahan’s Amber Ale and other craft beers is going back to its original name and will once again operate as Portland Brewing Company, beginning in February 2013.

The main change for consumers will be that the company, its beers and packaging will once again proudly carry the Portland Brewing Company name. Beer drinkers will still see the company’s flagship brew – MacTarnahan’s Amber Ale – continue, along with many new offerings.

Head brewer Ryan Pappe talks about his excitement around going back to Portland Brewing. “We’re excited to take a new direction that celebrates our past and sets the stage for our future as Portland Brewing Company,” Pappe said. “We brewed our first beer back in 1986 and our commitment to brewing great beer has never changed. Our consumers can expect their … Read More »

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Pelican’s Progress Report

Pelican’s Progress Report

I had a nice conversation with Pelican Pub & Brewery head brewer Darron Welch the other day. He says the new production brewery in Tillamook could be operational by June.

“We just bought a new bottling line, so that will be firing up soon,” Welch says. The new line will allow Pelican, which has typically bottled in 22-ounce bombers, to break into the 12-ounce market.

“Look for six-packs of a few of our standard beers like the Kiwanda Cream Ale and the Imperial Pelican Ale,” he says.

Imperial Pelican Ale used to be India Pelican Ale, but Welch says they recently changed the name to better reflect its actual style.

“So the style geeks don’t have to call me any more,” Welch says, laughing. “You were all right. It was really more of an Imperial IPA than a regular IPA. We get it. Stop calling me!”

Welch says the building that will house the new brewery, which used to be a grocery distribution warehouse, is not even vacant until March, but until then, they are busily procuring everything they need to moved in and brewing, including a brand-new brewery by Metacraft.

“We won’t be able to just move in and get started,” he says. “There is … Read More »

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